Baltimore Gets a Brand New Community Choir– Auditions This Weekend!

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Shower singers and karaoke stars take note: The Peabody Institute, Baltimore’s world-class music conservatory, is spearheading a brand-new community chorus, and they want you to take part.

As you might expect given Peabody’s reputation for excellence, this isn’t one of those who-cares-if-you-can-carry-a-tune choruses. As the chorus’ website notes, “The chorus is for adults with an appreciation of classical music and a desire to strive for artistic excellence. Although a plus, the ability to read music is not required as long as you can learn by ear.”

But if you can pass that test and you’re available for Tuesday evening rehearsals, you can rehearse and perform with some amazing musicians and vocalists. The chorus is not just a Peabody production; it’s also run in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins School of Eduction, the Office of the President, and the staff and administration of the Henderson-Hopkins school in East Baltimore.

“We have ideas about what we want to do, but it’s going to depend on who shows up,” Gavin Farrell, interim associate dean of Peabody Preparatory told the Hopkins Hub. “It’s going to evolve over time. If we can get a dozen people in the building to start with, we can make something work. The nice thing with choral repertoire is there’s just a tremendous range of music that is available. Some of the most beautiful and difficult pieces ever written have been arranged for less experienced choirs.”

Open auditions are set for this Saturday at 10 AM – report to Peabody’s Leakin Hall, room 214. Bring a song in any language; piano accompaniment is available if you need it. If you can’t make it there, you’ll get another chance on September 9, the chorus’ first rehearsal date.

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