Why Baltimore Hasn’t Sought to Ban Parking App Haystack

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Even as the Baltimore-designed parking app Haystack is being effectively banned in Boston, the service — which allows users to claim soon-to-be-vacated public parking spaces for a fee — has failed to provoke the same reaction back home. Apparently, that’s because city officials don’t expect the app to survive long enough to become a problem.

Baltimore City Councilman Jim Kraft told the Baltimore Business Journal that “we think it’s going to die an actual death, so at this point we’re letting it go. If it becomes more of a problem we’ll deal with it.”

Not only is that an icy slight, but it suggests that if the app gains more traction in Baltimore, it will face stiffer opposition from lawmakers. And if the complaints to the city are going to come, they are likely to come in proportion to the popularity of the app.

Haystack CEO Eric Meyer, like every good CEO, remains outwardly optimistic.

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