Kenwood, a high school in Essex, was evacuated this morning after receiving bomb threats and a suspicious package.

The Sun reports that bomb threats were emailed to the school yesterday evening, and a suspicious device was found outside the school building this morning. Due to “an abundance of caution,” officials decided to close the school for the day and evacuate all the students.

The evacuated students are being taken to Eastern Technical High School and Stemmers Run Middle School. Baltimore County Police and the Hazardous Devices Team are investigating.

Meanwhile, Kenwood students don’t seem to be too frightened–they’ve taken to Twitter to make jokes:

Kenwood is the

— A$AP Gup (@ThatKidGurpreet) December 5, 2014

UPDATE (2:20 p.m.) The item was not an explosive, and there is no threat at Kenwood High.

After searching the school, authorities found an item that “resembled a pipe bomb” outside the building. After testing, they determined it was in fact a piece of old pipe.