Art with a Heart is one of the non-profit organizations that will participate in the conversation with Baltimore Homecoming, which hopes to raise $1 million for 40 arts organizations.

Baltimore Homecoming, the nonprofit organization that pulls together Baltimore natives to drive investment in Baltimore, will host next week a creative community roundtable featuring leaders from culture organizations including Art with a Heart, Made in Baltimore, Creative Nomads, Baltimore Center Stage, Station North Tool Library, Baltimore Jewelry Center, Wide Angle Youth Media, Reginald F. Lewis Museum and more. The event is virtual, free, and open to the public.

The event is a part of the Community Roundtable Conversations series that Baltimore Homecoming launched this fall, which offers an opportunity for the public to get to know the leaders behind the 40 organizations involved in its Campaign for Baltimore’s Heroes.  To view the full list of participating organizations, click here.

The campaign seeks to raise $1 million for the organizations. It also intends to “build meaningful bridges to action” for Baltimore alumni located across the country and to meaningfully invest in Baltimore’s people and institutions as they face the pandemic.

Individual contributions of up to $1,000 made during the event to any of the Creative Community organizations through the Baltimore Homecoming’s Campaign for Baltimore’s Heroes website will be doubled thanks to a matching gift of up to $10,000 from Continental Realty Corporation.

The next conversation of the series following the Dec. 16 event will be held on January 13 with the theme “Strengthening Community.” Another conversation, to be held February 17, will have the theme “Innovative Community.”

To register for an event or to contribute to the Campaign for Baltimore’s Heroes, visit