Baltimore Is Attractive to Students Thinking About College

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In recent years, Baltimore has bet on the “meds and eds” mode of urban planning — that is, investing in schools and hospitals to replace the city’s floundering manufacturing industry. In many ways, that gamble has paid off so far. People like our hospitals, and students want to go to school here — so much so, in fact, that Baltimore is the eighth-most attractive destination for students heading off to college.

The Institute for Economic Research gave Baltimore high marks for its combination of low cost of living and high earning potential. While the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is cheap ($1,251, the 9th-cheapest in the nation), per capita incomes are fairly high ($48,949), at least if you have a college degree.

Notably, the ranking system did not take into account crime rates, or number of resident college students who have been stabbed in recent weeks.

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