Baltimore is Getting its Own Talk Show

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oprahWe may have lost Oprah long ago, but there’s plenty of people in Baltimore who would make for interesting interviews, and we already know the performing arts has plenty of variety. Hosts Jake Lazovick and Lucas “That’s Nice!” Haroldson are set to take advantage of the opportunity. 

Starting in May, the duo will co-host a new talk show in Baltimore. It’s called Talk Show.

The monthly event is set to take place from May-August at bb (427a N. Eutaw St.).

“The project copies the vibe of a late-night talk show, but on a local scale in a mid-sized storefront,” a statement says.

And since it’s early in the project, there’s still room on the couch. Lazovick and Haroldson are looking for people to participate.  Check out the website for more info on signing up.

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