A Baltimore Jury Convicted a Police Officer for Shooting a Suspect

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baltimore_police_department_logo_patchA week after charges were dropped in the Freddie Gray case, there’s a completely different outcome in a separate police brutality case.

Officer Wesley Cagle was convicted on two charges Thursday for shooting a suspect in an incident that happened in August, 2015.

The incident happened as police were responding to a burglary. Two officers confronted the man, and ordered him to show his hands. The man instead reached down, and officers fired on him. That part of the incident was apparently not in question. Cagle faced charges for what happened after the man was already on the ground.

While the two officers were covering the man, Cagle came out of the store, drew his gun and stood over the man.

“According to eyewitnesses, the suspect was no longer considered a potential threat when Officer Cagle then took aim and fired his .40 caliber departmental issued firearm one time striking the burglary suspect in the groin area,” a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s office said.


A statement from police said the department is taking steps to fire Cagle following the conviction.

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