Or so he says.

Have you heard the rumors about how Beyonce is a member of the Illuminati, the secret cabal that rules the world, along with Celine Dion, Angelina Jolie, and Barack Obama? Well, apparently at least one Baltimore mayoral candidate has been subject to similar rumors.

Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson has included a special section on his campaign website dedicated to shooting down rumors, such as the allegation that he’s not from Baltimore (he was born at the University of Maryland hospital and lived here through high school), or that the Illuminati is funding his campaign. “DeRay is not being paid or sponsored by any individual or organization to run to be the next Mayor of Baltimore,” the rebuttal reads.

Mckesson has been the subject of a number of unhinged conspiracy theories inspired by his activist work, including bonkers allegations that he is a CIA plant whose goal is to destabilize the U.S. and ultimately cause civil war. Makes plain-old embezzlement sound pretty boring, doesn’t it?