Baltimore Museum Director’s House Besieged by Pokemon Hunters

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According to Art F City‘s Michael Anthony Farley, The Contemporary director Deana Haggag’s Hampden residence was mistakenly marked as a “Pokemon gym” in the insanely popular Pokemon Go app. It seems her life hasn’t been the same since.

Haggag told Farley that she’s found Pokemon Go players “wandering into the yard, onto the porch, and even knocking on the front door.” One even crashed into her car.

Pokemon gyms — real places where players must physically go in order to pit their Pokemon against other players’ — are typically placed at locations which are open to the public. That’s because the app chooses “points of interest” from Google Maps.

It appears, according to a cursory investigation by Farley, that Haggag’s house found its way into the augmented reality game because of a mural commissioned by her fiance Matt Zernhelt, an unfortunate event, which has somewhat diminished their reality.

So until the Pokemon Go developer pulls Haggag’s residence from the game, just know that if the Pokemon gym you’re approaching looks like a home, it might be one. And no matter what your phone tells you to do, don’t wander onto a stranger’s porch in the middle of the night.


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