Baltimore Needs Audits

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audit-magnifying-glassBaltimore could use a lot of things–off the top of my head, I can think of an improved public transit system, more funding for schools, a plan to deal with vacant properties, and a better statue in front of Penn Station. Or maybe just more audits.

That, at least, is what local tech entrepreneur Dave Troy’s plan for Baltimore calls for. Troy points out that most city departments and agencies haven’t been audited in decades.

“Gov. Elect Hogan, please make state funding for Baltimore programs and agencies contingent on the adoption of a fiscal accountability action plan that includes regular audits of all city departments and agencies and the open publication of those findings,” Troy, the founder of 410 Labs, writes on Medium.

The guy has a point. Improved record keeping and an expectation of transparency might help prevent scandals like the one currently plaguing the Charm City Circulator. That said, Baltimore’s problems seem to be bigger than sloppy accounting and low-level corruption.¬†Even so, Troy has a point– Baltimore can’t really afford creative accounting at this point, can it?

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