Baltimore public defender Todd Oppenheim won’t seek judgeship in 2018

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Todd Oppenheim announces his candidacy for judge in 2015. Image still via YouTube.

Public defender Todd Oppenheim today announced he will not seek a judgeship in Baltimore City Circuit Court this election cycle.

Billing himself during the 2016 election as a judge who would “push the envelope and promote real, meaningful change in our court system,” Oppenheim says he will instead continue to fight for justice as a felony trial attorney with the Baltimore Office of the Public Defender.

“Caseloads in Baltimore City are more crushing than ever before,” the announcement said. “Thus, Todd wants to focus on his daily work advocating for his indigent clients.”

Oppenheim said this does not count as an endorsement of the sitting judges, noting that while there are no challengers, voters do not have to vote for anyone currently on the bench. He urged voters to “demand” that sitting judges explain their philosophies.

And he plans to continue to write about the justice system and ask questions of the candidates running for state’s attorney in the city. That race includes former Maryland Deputy Attorney General Thiru Vignarajah, local defense attorney Ivan Bates and the incumbent, Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

The announcement teases that Oppenheim is considering options for 2020.

Brandon Weigel

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