Joe Flacco (Pressbox: Sabrina Moran)

Seven weeks into the football season ESPN has begun writing the Baltimore Ravens’ epitaph.

I know, I know. Quarterback Joe Flacco has no one to throw to. Fair. Most of their game against the Minnesota Vikings was played without their top three wide receivers. But there comes a point where no excuse can justify how poorly Baltimore’s offense is playing, and their dismal 24-16 loss on Sunday prompted an article declaring the Ravens’ season “spiraling downward” due to a “painfully awful offense.”

Even the team’s one successful touchdown play is dismissed as “meaningless.”

Flacco was sacked five times, the most this season.

All head coach John Harbaugh can offer are desperate Mamet-isms.

“The reality is what it is,” Harbaugh told ESPN. “We have to find a way to do what we have to do.”