The Baltimore Rock Opera Society Has Released a Compilation Album

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Still via video from BROS/YouTube

Baltimore’s dedicated rock opera troupe has put out a new album featuring some of its greatest hits, reserved for all those willing to help them find a new home.

“Gründle Jammers: Volume 1” contains 20 songs handpicked by the Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s members. The greatest hits-style album includes “Protest Song” from “Amphion” (2016), “Puzzle in Time” from “Electric Pharaoh” (2014), “Fuck the Dinosaurs” from “Chronoshred: The Adverntures of Stardust Lazerdong” (2016), “Prologue” from the first-ever full-length BROS production “Gründlehammer,” (2009-10), “Hell or High Water” from “Brides of Tortuga” (2016) and “Slaughterhouse” from “Murdercastle” (2013).

Rivaling the epicness of the album itself is the video announcing the release. The promo features an ‘80s-style filter with some of the BROS cast, along with a bird puppet evoking a cross between characters from “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” and “Sesame Street.” The video should take you back to the far-off days when record labels regularly sold albums via TV commercials.

In all seriousness, the BROS have been working hard to fundraise for construction of a new permanent home. The group has been producing well-received DIY rock opera productions in the Baltimore area for a decade now without ever having a truly permanent space to create and perform. The troupe stumbled a bit in the last year due to circumstances outside of members’ control, such as being temporarily evicted for more than two months from their workshop and rehearsal space in the Bell Foundry building in Station North and falling victim to a costly burglary. The setbacks pushed BROS to delay their next production this year.

In December, BROS started a Crowdrise campaign to build a permanent rehearsal, production and performance space somewhere in Baltimore. The nonprofit group’s goal is $75,000. So far, they’ve raised nearly $30,000.

Anyone who donates any amount of money to the campaign will receive a digital copy of “Gründle Jammers: Volume 1.” If you’re concerned about it wearing out, don’t worry. The BROS have certified it with a 7,000-year guarantee.

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