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BROS challenging people to create and submit three-minute rock operas

Image courtesy of Baltimore Rock Opera Society.

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society is challenging people to create their own rock opera video, but here’s the catch: participants can only use objects that are available in their homes.

After seeing people tap into creative outlets during quarantine, such as the Getty Museum Challenge, which called on folks to recreate artistic masterpieces at home, BROS decided to take a crack at creating their own contest, the group said in a news release.

Baltimore Rock Opera Society invites public to help pick its next production

A flyer for the pitch party, courtesy of Baltimore Rock Opera Society

Recent history affirms the Baltimore Rock Opera Society isn’t lacking in creativity when crafting its original productions, with everything from gory b-movie horror to battles at sea to an intergalactic search for a new planet hospitable to humans.

But even with no shortage of ideas, there’s always room for more feedback and input on the ones they come up with. That’s why next week, BROS is opening up its annual pitch party to the public for the first time in years.

Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s surprise Halloween show includes magic, scares and parties in between

The poster for “Lurid Happenings,” courtesy of Baltimore Rock Opera Society

They said the gore-heavy B-horror comedy “Incredibly Dead!” would be their last show of 2018, but the Baltimore Rock Opera Society got the Halloween itch. For four nights this month, the all-volunteer troupe has announced, they’ll be putting on a scare- and magic-centric show, “Lurid Happenings: A Night of Mischief and Devilry,” that promises to be lively and a literal party.

Baltimore Rock Opera Society turns to ‘pure B-horror’ for its latest original production, ‘Incredibly Dead!’

Baltimore Rock Opera Society turns to B-horror for its latest original production, ‘Incredibly Dead!’
Cover for “Incredibly Dead!” courtesy of Baltimore Rock Opera Society

Having previously acted in two Baltimore Rock Opera Society shows,”Incredibly Dead!” co-director Mike Ziccardi was familiar with the ensemble’s costume design and decorating prowess when he and his co-creators unveiled the gore-filled script. Even so, he worried that it might be difficult to simulate dismemberment in front of a live audience.

He was happy to be proven wrong.

“It was show-ready,” he says, describing the moment when gore designer Amanda Boutwell showed him how they could replicate limb-separation on-stage. In fact, the combination of costumes, props and replica blood “looks exactly like it did when we talked about it a year ago,” Ziccardi says.

Event Pick: BROS throws a glamorous Prohibition-era bash for its annual fundraiser

Image via Facebook

With a successful capital campaign in the books, its very own signature beer shelf-ready and a new show all about the undead set to premiere in a matter of weeks, the Baltimore Rock Opera Society is ready to party. Tonight, the city’s DIY rock opera collective will do so in Roaring ’20s fashion with live bop, vintage cocktails and sumptuous attire for its annual Swanktacular fundraiser.

BROS gets its own beer, the Chuggernaut, in collab with The Brewer’s Art

Photo by Katelynn Zimmerman, courtesy of BROS.

The Baltimore Rock Opera Society is making its way into your beer fridge with the release of a new brew dubbed the Chuggernaut, made in partnership with The Brewer’s Art.

The Nevermore Haunt is bringing its scares to Light City 2018

Mother Nog, last seen in the finale of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s fall 2017 production “The Terrible Secret of Lunastus, is joining The Nevermore Haunt for Light City. Photo by Matthew Thomas.

This year’s Light City Festival will be a bit spookier than normal, and not just because of the schedule change.

BROS and Arena Players’ Collab, ‘Constellations and Crossroads,’ Traverses a Racial Divide in Baltimore’s Theater Scene

Valerie Lewis as famed NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson in “Determination of Azimuth.” Photo by Sam Shank of Odd Brain Creative, courtesy of Baltimore Rock Opera Society.

Seated in the lobby of the Arena Players building on McCulloh Street, artistic director Donald Owens says he was instinctively suspicious when the Baltimore Rock Opera Society approached him about a collaboration.

Baltimore Rock Opera Society Hits its $75K Fundraising Target for a ‘Forever Home’

A rendering of the Baltimore Rock Opera Society’s planned space, “The Paradise,” by Greg Bowen.

Thirteen months after being suddenly evicted from its longtime headquarters on the first floor of the Bell Foundry building, the Baltimore Rock Opera Society has successfully raised more than $75,000 to build a “forever home” and better secure its future.