New Baltimore Documentary ‘Rat Film’ is Getting Good Reviews at SXSW

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Film festival season is once again serving up a new documentary about Baltimore. This time, it looks like the city’s rats are in focus. 

“Rat Film,” from local director Theo Anthony, is getting buzz at SXSW. The film is described by the Los Angeles Times as a “formally abstract piece” that examines the city’s notorious, scurrying rodents from the “lens of history, science and assorted modern-day characters.” That history includes racial segregation.

The Playlist reports that there are segments that show the city from a rat’s eye view, and “vignettes of ordinary folks turning vermin into sport.”

The New Yorker’s Richard Brody liked the ending, calling it “one of the most extraordinary, visionary inspirations in the recent cinema.”

The original score was written by Dan Deacon. The film was picked up for distribution by Cinema Guild, so more people will be seeing it soon enough.


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