Baltimore Shines at the Emmys

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Baltimore’s own Julie Bowen with the Emmy she won for her role in “Modern Family”

If Baltimore’s recent ranking as third “dirtiest” city in America has got you down (which it shouldn’t; New York City ranked first and people can’t shut up about how much they love that place), you can take some consolation in Baltimore’s showing at the Emmys last night.

Baltimore native Julie Bowen took home another Emmy for her role in ABC’s Modern Family — a show whose massive popularity I will never understand. The voice-over lead-in to her acceptance speech mentioned her Baltimore childhood. Her acceptance speech proper was mostly about nipple covers. The Baltimore-produced docudrama Game Change, about John McCain and Sarah Palin’s 2008 presidential bid, won four awards for its acting, writing, and direction. Julia Louis-Dreyfus snared an Emmy for her political satire VEEP, also produced in Baltimore. Louis-Dreyfus thanked her Baltimore crew on the backstage thank-you-cam!

For a complete list of last night winners, you can consult the Baltimore Sun.

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