Baltimore Skips Out on $150,000 Settlement to Family of Teen Allegedly Kidnapped by Police

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Three Baltimore City police officers have been accused of kidnapping for allegedly “picking up two West Baltimore teens in 2009 and driving one to East Baltimore and dropping the other off in a Howard County park” in a $100 million lawsuit brought by the family of one of the teens. When both sides agreed to a $150,000 settlement, the trial date was canceled

Now, Baltimore City is refusing to pay a cent. (I guess the family’s lawyer forgot to get the city to cross its heart and hope to die after negotiating the cash settlement.) Now the family must refile the suit from the beginning — and it took them two years to get this far!

One of the kids, a 15 year old, allegedly kidnapped by the officers was later found walking around shoeless 11 miles from his home.

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