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How Can We Promote Good Behavior in Our Children


As parents, we often wonder about the best approach for promoting good behavior in the family. This becomes a bigger question when we have a child who throws tantrum or presents us with behavioral issues or perhaps has ADHD. What works – or doesn’t? The SHEMESH behavioral expert shares her insights for handling difficult behaviors and answers the question: Do rewards work?

Greenlaurel: Today is Maryland’s First-Ever Children’s Environmental Health Day

Everyday consumer products contain untested, and oftentimes unhealthy synthetic chemicals. Found in grocery stores, shampoo often contains fake scents based on phthalates, a known hormone disruptor.

Already a legislative leader in reducing children’s toxic exposure, Maryland is now the third state to officially designate today as Children’s Environmental Health Day. The state’s new eco-holiday is an ideal time to take stock of the clear link between negative health outcomes for kids and the 80,000 mostly untested chemicals found in our air, water, consumer products and food, and perhaps more importantly, to consider taking steps to reduce our kids’ exposure to everyday chemicals.

At Port Discovery, Kids Elect Wonder Woman to be President


Wonder Woman Logo

Yesterday, we were all out voting on who to fill the White House, represent us in Congress and other offices and whether to go with various ballot measures. Meanwhile, kids over at Port Discovery Children’s Museum were making some different (and possibly better) election picks.

CASA Presents Harvest of Hope on Friday, November 4



Court Appointed Special Advocates of Baltimore County will celebrate 16 years of service to Baltimore County’s abused and neglected children at its 13th annual Harvest of Hope event on Friday, November 4, from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m., at Martin’s Valley Mansion.   

Hopkins Researchers Create Program to Get Kids in ICU Up and Moving

Courtesy Sapna Kudchadkar, M.D.
Courtesy Sapna Kudchadkar, M.D.

According to a newly published study from JHU researchers, many children who remain sedated in hospitals are better off moving around if they want to become stronger and healthier.

School’s Closed? No Childcare? Try Tripster For Creative, Fun Activities For Kids


Tripster Marketing Photo

We recently met up with the folks at Tripster, and we’re excited to introduce Baltimore Fishbowl readers to this fun, creative and engaging option for drop-off child care.  Tripster can be the lifesaver you need when a holiday, professional day or vacation day shows up on the school calendar and you have to work! Even on those days when you’re home and don’t have the time to engage your children, you don’t have to park them in front of a video game console or TV. Tripster will give them a day filled with fun, interesting activities.  With many schools closing  NEXT WEEK for the Jewish holiday, now’s the time to learn more!  Check out the launch event Tripster has planned, and read more about the company and its amazing proprietor, who is a working mom herself and understands the need for occasional child care.   Here’s a note from owner, Jamie Seward:

I wanted to share the exciting news that we have an event planned for Thursday, September 25th! Many private schools are closed for Rosh Hashana and families will be scrambling for childcare options. Just drop off and pick up and we’ll do the rest!
We have an exciting day planned complete with activities that will keep children entertained! Our experienced, well-trained staff will guide children on a journey through activities that include Frisbee golf to making “Floam” to learning Secret Agent tradecraft. We’ll even provide lunch and snacks!

Families are welcome to drop-off and pick-up children any time throughout the day. They can even stay and hang out with us! Space is limited. Register today! For more information, please visit  http://www.tripsteronline.com/.

WHERE:  aMuse Toys, 2580 Quarry Lake Drive, Baltimore, MD 21209, (410) 415-000, http://www.amusetoys.com/

WHEN: Thursday, September 25, 2014

TIME:  8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

WHO: Children in grades 2-12

COST: $80 per child

Children’s Day at Ladew Gardens


Butterfly Gardens

catch of the day fish (2)World renowned Ladew Topiary Gardens is always a great place to bring the kids. After all, there’s plenty of space to run around, hide behind giant hedges, and appreciate the Alice in Wonderland-esque topiary masterpieces. But now there’s even more at Ladew to thrill the little ones. So this year’s Children’s Day also marks the opening of Ladew’s new Butterfly House. Dare we say it’s Ladew’s most eagerly anticipated family event yet? We think it just might be. After all, it’s a day long celebration of caterpillars and butterflies– those perennial kid favorites. Not that we as adults would turn down an afternoon of wondering at these most gorgeous members of the insect world ourselves. So save the date (Saturday, September 6) for Ladew’s most aflutter family day ever.

Morgan State Professor Offers Idea So Crazy It Just Might Work…

Photo via Wikipedia
A great place for kids? Photo via Wikipedia

At first, it seems like a terrible idea. Thousands of child migrants have been flooding into the United States from their homes in Central America, and a professor from Morgan State thinks we should send them to Guantanamo. Yes, that Guantanamo.

Acting Like A Child With A Child on the Way


Dear Whit,

This whole situation is driving me crazy! My husband and I have two kids and are expecting a third —all of the same gender. When we found out about the gender of the new one, my husband was disappointed and stopped being excited about the pregnancy. Before that he was always making sure that I was comfortable and well rested, etc. But now he doesn’t seem to care about me, or the expected baby. He even told me that he feels “less of a man” now that we know what the gender is going to be. Can you believe that? I don’t have the slightest idea about how to deal with this because it is so completely ridiculous! What do you think I should do?

Can’t Deal

Dear Can’t:

You can tell him that feeling like “less of a man” makes sense given how he’s acting. Tell him he looks and sounds like the little birthday boy at his party who pouts when he discovers that he didn’t get the present he wanted.

Changing Her Mind About Not Having Children


Hey Whit,

When my husband, “Brian”, and I got married (well, actually before we got married) we decided that we didn’t want to have kids. Now five years later, I’m 31 and he’s 32 and I’ve changed my mind after a variety of experiences.

For example, I often see friends with their children and how much they love them. And sometimes these are couples that said they didn’t want to have kids anytime soon, or at all. Other times I will feel kind of jealous when friends get together with other friends who have kids, and they talk while their kids play together. It just looks like what a family should be.

All of these experiences have got me thinking that I want to have kids now, and it’s not only is it a possibility, it’s a certainty—I know that I want to have a kid(or kids). But every time that I’ve broached the subject with my husband, he shuts it down by saying, “We agreed before we got married that we were not going to have any children.” What really bothers me even more than the fact that he doesn’t want to discuss it is the way that he acts like he can just decide, and that’s that.

Am I stuck because of what I said before we got married? Can’t a person change her mind? I don’t want to leave my husband, but I’m feeling kind of desperate about doing something. What do you think?

Wants to be a Mom

Dear Wants: