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To Grace, From Mom – A Love Letter


Dear Grace,

I miss you.  I know it hasn’t been a whole week yet, but I do.  I miss you like the sun would miss the moon, or the waves would miss the shore.  For 18 years, we have been companion forces of the universe, rising and falling in time, coming and going together.  But now, you are moving in your own direction, in your own time, as you should; and I miss you.

This morning, the house is quiet.  I passed your empty room, and my heart got heavy.  It will be months before you sleep here again.  You will be so busy making friends, navigating roommate issues, adjusting to college classes, learning how to eat from a cafeteria every day (and possibly learning how to drink shots).  I know you will do great – we have watched you conquer obstacles your whole life, and there is nothing you can’t do.

I will miss your beautiful face, and the radiance that surrounds you wherever you are.  I will miss your sparkling eyes, wide open to the world of possibilities that lie in your future.  I will miss your laughter – crazy, loud, quirky, and totally joy-filled.

Mt. Royal



Mt. Royal

Little Characters Search: The Final Full Gallery of Fresh Faces

Charlotte, 10Mo, Catonsville
Charlotte, 10 mo., Catonsville

The time for submitting terrific tykes to Wee Chic’s Little Characters Search ended last week. View the final gallery and see which tot is your favorite.

We don’t envy panelists Maria Dennis, show host on radio station 106.5, Hillary Geisbert, style editor at Baltimore magazine, and Janelle Diamond, editor at Baltimore Bride, who will make the final selection of the the Little Characters.  It’s too tough to choose just a few from the 600 plus candidates!

See the full gallery after the jump.

    Little Characters Search Gallery

    Michael, 4, Belair
    Michael, 4, Bel Air

    Take a peek at the pictures and see who would be your choice if you could cast a vote before the real  panelists — Maria Dennis, show host on radio station 106.5, Hillary Geisbert, style editor at Baltimore magazine, and Janelle Diamond, Editor at Baltimore Bride — take over.

    The Mom Blog: Capturing Life’s Little Moments


    Welcome to our occasional series The Mom Blog by Baltimore Fishbowl contributing photographer Lee Kriel.  Lee has been shooting Sartorial Baltimoreal, our feature on personal style, for the past two years.  Her captivating blog on mothers and motherhood can be found here, but she has agreed to let us re-publish it below for our readers. -The Eds.

    meet sue mead.  a mom raising two beautiful, active girls with her lovely husband alex.  the mead family  had some challenges early on when their oldest daughter julia was diagnosed with cancer at the age of three.  avery was just turning one.  julia is now in remission and sue and her family continue to help those in need, especially by supporting families who are making the same transition they made years ago as they embarked on living with cancer.  one way is by organizing a swim-a-thon each summer to raise money for child life at johns hopkins children’s center as well as arranging meals for families who find themselves in the hospital over thanksgiving and christmas.  she gathers all the neighborhood kids and encourages them to get sponsors and swim laps in the river.  it is one of my children’s favorite events — they love to compete with the other kids and make hashtags on the dock to mark their laps.  even the adults have a time to swim (with cocktails too, of course, for those not swimming)!  she has raised thousands and not only has made a difference for johns hopkins but also for our neighborhood, where she has given us all an example of how to give back.  enjoy her story in her own words below (or as she says “off the cuff words” which is what i love about her!) and her continued journey through motherhood.


    No Homework for the Holidays!!


    shutterstock_73212388As my family counts down the days ’til winter break, there’s one gift we’re all anticipating. It’s not a fancy Caribbean vacation — deep sigh — or even a quick jaunt to a local ski resort. Nor does it involve any hot gift items under the tree or in the driveway. It’s the simple but beautiful gift of no homework for two long weeks, a fairly long-lasting present that is likely to translate into far fewer rants and refusals and foot stomping in our house during that peaceful period. France’s president has promised this gift to his country’s youngest students, those in primary and middle school — permanently. 

    Last Merry Monday at Dancing Bear in Frederick


    Dancing Bear Toys

    catch of the day fish (2)Okay, so this isn’t exactly Baltimore-centric—but we’re putting it in the “worth a trip from anywhere” category. If you’ve visited downtown Frederick any time in the last, say, twelve years, you may have had the pleasure of stopping into Dancing Bear Toys—an old-fashioned, neighborhood toy store. To owners Tom and Marlene England, that means that nothing they sell requires a battery, or a plug, or a screen to attach to. They’re specialists in fun the way it used to be. Ah, the simple things. But why bring this all to your attention on today of all days? Well, today is the very last “Merry Monday” of the season at Dancing Bear. That means that today (they’re open until 8p.m.) they’ll be giving away 17 $17 gift cards (if that strikes you as strange, remember that today’s the 17th) at random throughout the day. That means potentially even more goodies and surprises you can bring home for the holidays.

    Introducing Birdie Blu Children’s Wear



    Everyone knows what the first few weeks of school mean: very important fashion decisions. Perhaps your personal experience agonizing over what outfit most accurately says, here’s everything you need to know about me, is but a distant memory. No matter. When your eight year-old steps out of her bedroom in a carefully chosen combo of zebra-print leggings, knee-high Santa socks, and a gingham apron from the costume box, it’ll all come back to you.

    Thankfully, the folks at Birdie Blu have created a lovely and versatile line of children’s clothes — all manufactured here in Baltimore on Wicomico Street — featuring a variety of charming dresses. They’re simple, fun, and sure to appeal to both the princess and the ragamuffin within. Perfect for building sandcastles, or simply holding court in them. And if you start to get jealous, don’t worry. Teen and adult lines are on the way.

    Birdie Blu is recruiting sales staff for at-home trunk shows for its spring 2013 line. For more information, visit: http://www.birdieblu.com

    Silhouette Artist Erik Johnson at Wee Chic


    Erik Johnson visits Baltimore

    Oh, the elusive muse. Artists can spend their lives waiting for her to strike. And even once she shows her bad self, one’s masterpiece will still take hours (or years) of toil to complete.

    Such is life for the dedicated bohemian. Unless of course you’re Erik Johnson, the renowned traveling silhouette artist. That’s right: he  travels the country creating hand-cut silhouettes—a traditional form that his family has practiced for three generations. As classic as the medium is, it’s clearly still as charming and resonant as ever—Johnson has become something of a celebrity in the world of portraitists. And he’s coming to the Baltimore area for one day only.