“I have a tendency to be rather abrasive,” Carol Ott told The Atlantic Cities. “I’ve upset quite a few people.” One look at her blog Baltimore Slumlord Watch, and you can see why. On it, Ott documents vacant, dilapidated buildings in the city and posts the name of each property’s owner, in addition to the relevant city council member, state senator, and state delegates. And where possible she offers more information. Here’s a post where she speculates that the owners may not even be paying taxes on the property.

Despite the “routine” angry emails she receives, Ott has only expanded her mission. Her brand-new website, Housing Policy Watch, takes a broader approach  to neighborhood improvement. In addition to shaming owners for blighted properties, the site tells prospective tenants what to look for in a landlord, educates homeowners on their responsibilities, and links to articles on responsible development, public policy changes, and so forth.

Ott is also now earning a “small salary” for her work on the website, due to her partnership with the nonprofit Baltimore Neighborhoods Inc.

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