Baltimore Start-Up Sickweather: Off to a Sick Start

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Courtesy of Citybizlist – Sickweather is an up and coming Baltimore-based startup led by CEO and co-founder Graham Dodge that we first reported on in October when it was about to launch its closed beta test.

Sickweather, which tracks the movement of illnesses across the country by crawling social media sites, is now open to the public. See for yourself here.

And it is working.

Sickweather said today that it successfully predicted what are now documented increases of Whooping Cough in Algonquin, IL and Milwaukee, WI.

According to a company release, the earliest Sickweather report of Whooping Cough (Pertussis) near Algonquin, IL appeared on October 5th (during Sickweather’s closed beta testing), approximately one month prior to confirmed reports that appeared in the news. A month later, the same trends followed in nearby Milwaukee, WI. Both instances also saw increased reports of “cough” prior to and during these outbreaks.

“The implication is that some of the users reporting cough from these areas may very well be undiagnosed or pre-diagnosed cases of whooping cough,” said Dodge. “We are also witnessing more reports of adults with whooping cough. In one case, a report of a doctor getting whooping cough, presumably from one of her patients.”

This is good news for a local startup that’s already gotten the attention of Time, Al Jazeera, All Things D, and others.

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