Did the Baltimore Sun Get Pranked by a Joker with a Fake Name?

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Remember how Bart Simpson would always crank call Moe’s Tavern, asking for fake-named people like “Amanda Hugginkiss” and “I.P. Freely”?

This week, it seemed possible that the Baltimore Sun had gotten fooled by a Bart-like joker when they quoted a man named “Jack Mehoff” in an article about Donald Trump. When the internet started pointing out that the name sounded like a possible hoax, reporter Ian Duncan responded with good humor. It’s certainly not the most egregious example of a reporter being tricked into citing a fake name.

But wait: As journalist Dave Weigel pointed out, there actually does appear to be a man named Jack Mehoff who lives in Dundalk. So perhaps the joke’s on us–or on Jack, who really could’ve chosen to opt for John, or Johnny, or any number of other nicknames…

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