Courtesy of Citybizlist – The tarpaulin was on the field at Clarence “Du” Burns Arena. The MC wore a Meh t-shirt. The enforcer brandished an accordion. A Fail-Off competition ensued. And the audience was on the field, not in the stands.

We are talking about the Bmore Fail conference, organized by the to demystify the idea that failing in entrepreneurial endeavors is a natural evolution of the process … and not something to be feared.

The Friday event drew approximately 300 participants from around Baltimore and featured a diverse panel of presenters: Dr. Paul Foster, Internal Medicine Program director at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center; Tracy Gosson, president of Sagesse; Rodney Foxworth, board member of Social Enterprise Alliance, Maryland chapter and advisory board member of Digital Harbor Foundation; and others.

The brainchild of Chief Instigator Jason Hardebeck, Bmore Fail focused on outing failures in a public way.

Hardebeck’s idea – leveraged from an Ignites presentation by Bizelo founder Ron Schmelzer (who plays a mean accordion, incidentally) – is about cultivating a more liberated mentality when it comes to entrepreneurship in Baltimore.

– Fail, learn, and move on

– Success is not a series of consecutive victories … it includes failure

– Fail, learn, pivot, and go forward …

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