Baltimore Valentine’s Day Parties: 3 For and 3 Against 

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Enchantment Under the Sea (via CityFam)
Enchantment Under the Sea (via CityFam)

catch of the day fish (2)Valentine’s Day falls serendipitously on a weekend this year, but it still can divide an event schedule. Even if the Hallmark side is too inside the box (of chocolates), there are plenty of ways to embrace Valentine’s Day in the city. Some of those include getting in touch with your hatred of the lovey holiday. Here are a half-dozen events happening this weekend:


Sex at the Zoo Other species don’t need hearts and flowers, and this Feb. 13 event at the Maryland Zoo seeks to demonstrate. The fundraiser shows off the courtship rituals of other species, and it’s not on TV.

Showspace’s Valentine’s Day Dance Party An easy-to-love event on Feb. 13 that brings together dancing and one of the city’s best places to party. It benefits Moveable Feast, which puts food on the table for Marylanders suffering from chronic illnesses. Dan Deacon, James Nasty and Chiffon are a few DJs.

Enchantment Under the Sea Valentine’s Dance Since Mobtown is in the other column, this is your love-themed party that takes you back (to the future). City Fam’s second annual recreation of the McFlys’ meeting place on Feb. 13 is open to singles as well as couples. And the prom king and queen will be crowned.


The Bitter Heart Club Warehouse 518 in Mt. Vernon is hosting this Feb. 12 party for the scorned (and those who don’t want to be at a Valentine’s-themed event). Come for the cocktail called the Tinder, stay for the Joy Division.

Mobtown’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Extravaganza Mobtown Ballroom is once again a refuge from the modern world at this free event on Sat., Feb. 13. Again, it seems to be more about avoiding the hearts and flowers than actively hating. Either way, party jams are promised.

Anti V-Day Party at Horseshoe Casino The city’s only 24-hour bar is an ideal place to drown the sorrows, so it figures that the casino comes down on this side of the debate. On Feb. 13, they’re also promising great music and special drinks. But being at a casino, there’s also a chance to win money with the best nightmare date story.



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