Baltimore Water Main Mania: View from Biddle Street

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Every morning for the past week and a half I have woken to noisy construction work outside my campus apartment building on Biddle Street. There are construction sites at almost every corner around the Mt. Vernon area. Ear plugs, please.

Come to find out, after a short, quiet pause, Baltimore is finally fixing its ancient water lines. The city has been working on this problem for over a year now. I remember when the Charles Street water main break occurred, I tried to catch the Circulator downtown from the University of Baltimore to the Inner Harbor and the traffic was so bad that people were getting off of the bus to walk downtown. According to The Baltimore Sun, this city has experienced over 1,000 water main breaks a year. They have even reached out to nearby counties to ask that they pitch in since they rely on this water also.

The University of Baltimore Law Center was closed recently due to the fact that another water main break occurred on the underpass of Interstate 83 close to the building. Classes were cancelled…which sort of sounds like fun. But it’s mostly been a major headache for the city and its residents.

Hopefully with all the current repairs, we will see (and hear) fewer construction workers in the downtown area blocking lanes and causing traffic due to water main breaks. Once they fix them all, we won’t have to worry about this for another 100 years or so. At least, I hope!

Kayla Cordes is our University of Baltimore college intern. She writes weekly for the Baltimore Fishbowl.

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