Kayla Cordes


Food Frenzy: Open Table Names Ouzo Bay & the Food Market Top Hot Spots


Heart, fork and knife

Chosen by choosy restaurant goers and announced at Open Table, Ouzo Bay of Harbor East and the Food Market of Hampden placed on the 100 Hot Spot Restaurants in the U.S! Only 21 states made the list which makes this better because that means Baltimore beat out nearly half of the nation.

Peeps Recipe Contest: You Read That Correctly


Peeps are one of my favorite candies! I used to see them only around Easter time, however, this year I found peppermint-chocolate-dipped ones during the Christmas season. Anyway, it was super exciting (not to mention shocking) for me to read an article from The Baltimore Sun about the results of the Peeps Recipe Contest (inaugurated by the newspaper). Who would have thought that people would/could cook real meals with those tasty little chicks?

Death for Groundhog?


Not sure if this is a joke or not, but some people in Ohio are taking Punxsutawney Phil’s spring prediction a little too seriously. Because the furry guy predicted an early spring, and it is now snowing, there is a cry of outrage coming from Cincinnati. Mike Gmoser wrote an “official looking” indictment accusing Phil of wrongly predicting the weather. Phil will apparently be charged with “misrepresentation of spring, which constitutes a felony.”

Easter’s Wild at the Baltimore Zoo


elephantOh, Easter time: oh, frilly dresses, candy filled baskets, and yummy dinners. I remember my grandmother making me wear church-y dresses and forcing my hair into curls every year. Since it happened every Easter like clockwork, I accepted it and just counted down until I could rip into my basket and chomp the chocolate bunny’s head. I never did anything festive for Easter besides color in the coloring books that came with my goodies. Where was the Easter scene?! Luckily for Baltimore’s children of today, Easter egg hunts are a cinch to find. There’s even one at the ZOO!

Snow Hysteria in March? Saturn Could Drop “Inches”



I’m sort of surprised none of the local news stations have put much information on their websites about this upcoming snowstorm, “Saturn,” which is predicted to bring actual, sticking white stuff to Baltimore mid-week. It is rumored to be heading our way Tuesday…snowballing us Wednesday through Thursday (yay). The Weather Channel has said “70 percent chance” of “significant snowfall” to hit the Baltimore-Washington area, but as The Baltimore Sun points out, it’s hard as yet to gauge accumulation (hence, the lack of hysteria – fair enough). No, wait, not fair!

Don’t Eat the (Recalled) Spinach, Maryland!



Looks like we won’t be flashing our muscles anytime soon; spinach has been recalled in 39 states including Maryland. The spinach is from organic companies including: Full Circle Organics, Marketside Organic, Simple Truth Organic, Central Market Organics and Taylor Farms Organic. There is a possibility that the spinach that has a “best by” February 24, 2013 is contaminated with E Coli. There hasn’t been a claim of sickness, however, the company states you should not eat the spinach and throw it away.

Olympics in Baltimore?!



Olympics in Baltimore? 

Baltimore Water Main Mania: View from Biddle Street



Every morning for the past week and a half I have woken to noisy construction work outside my campus apartment building on Biddle Street. There are construction sites at almost every corner around the Mt. Vernon area. Ear plugs, please.

Valentine’s Day on a Baltimore College Student’s Budget



So Valentine’s Day is coming up (in 48 hours) and you have a special someone you want to do something for but not much money? Well, that’s almost all of us. Since I’m a college student, I can recommend a few ways to celebrate on a student’s budget:

Old Navy in Old Canton? Where Do You Stand?



Canton Crossing will later this year house a Target and a Harris Teeter among other well known chain-y stores and restaurants. Mainstream retailers Ulta, Old Navy, Michael’s, Loft, Red Robin (and many more) are on the long list, according to The Baltimore Sun. The construction has already begun between Baylis and South Haven Street. White Marsh and other malls in the area will have a run for their money considering the stores opening in Canton are often shopping-mall residents.