Snow Hysteria in March? Saturn Could Drop “Inches”

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I’m sort of surprised none of the local news stations have put much information on their websites about this upcoming snowstorm, “Saturn,” which is predicted to bring actual, sticking white stuff to Baltimore mid-week. It is rumored to be heading our way Tuesday…snowballing us Wednesday through Thursday (yay). The Weather Channel has said “70 percent chance” of “significant snowfall” to hit the Baltimore-Washington area, but as The Baltimore Sun points out, it’s hard as yet to gauge accumulation (hence, the lack of hysteria – fair enough). No, wait, not fair!

I say let’s get hysterical anyway; it’s about time we Baltimoreans have some snow coming our way. It’s already March, with only 17 days left of winter. Mother Nature probably wants to get her icy grips in us before such a display would fall too late to be considered anything other than global-warming weird. So, I suggest stocking up on food and supplies just in case! Anticipate…a day off? Or an a.m. hour. Visualize high winds and heavy snow mixed with some rain because that’s what’s said to lie in cold store. Yeah, we might even experience power outages. I’ll take it. It may be late, but can you tell? I am excited to have a potential snow day.

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