Peeps are one of my favorite candies! I used to see them only around Easter time, however, this year I found peppermint-chocolate-dipped ones during the Christmas season. Anyway, it was super exciting (not to mention shocking) for me to read an article from The Baltimore Sun about the results of the Peeps Recipe Contest (inaugurated by the newspaper). Who would have thought that people would/could cook real meals with those tasty little chicks?
Yet people from all over Baltimore submitted quirky concoctions. For example, “Charred Peep Tini” and Peep pancakes. There were even savory entries like butternut squash soup drizzled with sour cream and Peeps sauce. When I first read the titles of some of these treats, I cringed; I couldn’t imagine my favorite marshmallow treats being turned into something you can eat for dinner! (Can you?)

Winners received $50 dollar Peeps prize packages from the candy maker. Pretty sweet deal. The “Best Sweet” award went to the “Peep R Nutter” cupcake; “Best Savory” went to the pork loin stuffed with peaches and Peeps and “drunken Peeps sauce” (where do they get these ideas?). “Most Creative”: the Peeps pot pie; the “Bravest”: the Peeps crab nuggets. I think they’re all pretty brave and creative. I know I wouldn’t take those risks in the kitchen. But I might be Peeps-devoted enough to try a bite or two. For dessert: plain Peeps, please.