Valentine’s Day on a Baltimore College Student’s Budget

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So Valentine’s Day is coming up (in 48 hours) and you have a special someone you want to do something for but not much money? Well, that’s almost all of us. Since I’m a college student, I can recommend a few ways to celebrate on a student’s budget:

1) Make it personal! Write them a love letter or fill a jar with personal love notes written by you. Construction paper, scissors and a pen are all you need!

2) Try less romance, more fun. Some people get uncomfortable at the thought of being alone in a dim place, so why not hit Matthew’s Pizza on Eastern Avenue in Highlandtown? It’s a small pizzeria so you can still be intimate, and the people there are so nice. The pizza is the BOMB! A little over $20 for two.

3) Cook together! Making food can be pretty romantic and, depending on what you guys like to eat, the prices can range from $5-$50.

4) Remember the Inner Harbor! Stroll around; check the splashy stores; pick a reasonably priced restaurant. You don’t have to spend much or anything at all. Just enjoy each other’s company while sitting on a bench watching the water.

5) Grab some popcorn! Mushy but not hyper-gushy Safe Haven and Silver Linings Playbook are in local theaters.

6) The love game! There are tons of love and sex board games out there! If that’s too much, Scrabble and a cuddle could be all you need to romance someone! Games range from $5-$20.

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