I’ve never looked up my credit score. Frankly, I don’t want to know. And so long as I’m allowed to keep utilities in my name, I guess I don’t need to know.

Whether we wanted to know or not, the credit score for the entire Baltimore area was released by CreditKarma.com. On average, our credit score is 654 by the most recent calculation, which is an eight-point drop from August.

On the other hand, we have mostly reduced our debt. Our credit card debt, student loan debt, and mortgage debt were all lower in October than they were in May.

(By the way, I was blown away by these numbers. Average mortgage debt is $167,964?! Average student loan debt is $34,961?! I know it’s an improvement, but come on. Average auto loan debt is $14,891. What are we doing?!)

Well, you’re on the right track, Baltimore. Credit score be damned!