Baltimore’s Berger Cookies Heading to D.C.

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The Washington Post reports that Berger Cookies are making it onto store shelves in the D.C. area.  The writer Andrew Reiner, a native Baltimorean, gives Washingtonians a primer on the cookie and extols its virtues. An excerpt:

Many people pass off the Berger cookie as kissing cousin to the New York deli classic Black and White. Both desserts aredome-shaped, cakey cookies with icing covering their inverted, flattened bottoms. But any familial relations between these two treats begin and end with the unfrosted cookie, which, in both cases has the mouth feel and texture of a vanilla wafer crossed with sponge cake. For one thing, the cookie in the Black and White — which outsells Bergers by 50 percent in local Giant stores, according to sales figures — gets equal billing. When you bite into the Black and White, you’re tasting cookie as much as you are the thin, symmetrical veneer of chocolate and vanilla icing. Not so with the Berger cookie. “A chocolate delivery vehicle” is how one food blogger refers to the cookie half of the Berger.

Commenters on the article mistakenly refer to the treat as “Berger’s Cookies.” Oh well. They’re beginners.

Read “Baltimore’s Storied Berger Cookies Come to Washington” at the Washington Post

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