Kimberly Smedley’s silicone injections bring new meaning to the phrase “watch your back.” Smedley, accused of injecting a toxic concoction used in paint additives and furniture and car waxes into the behinds of Baltimore, D.C., Detroit, Philadelphia and New York City clients, plead guilty to a felony conspiracy charge on Wednesday.

Clients paid Smedley (who admitted to The New York Post in 2008, “I’m not a doctor, and I’m not a nurse.”) $1,600 for the enhancing injections, a financial discount compared to procedures performed by licensed plastic surgeons that can run up to $10,000. But at what cost to the client?

Injections by unlicensed individuals can result in death and serious injury. The Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety has issued warnings about the increase in uncertified use of toxic chemicals to plump and shape various parts of the body. Actual physicians and plastic surgeons see patients who come to them with serious bacteria infections and requests for corrective procedures after complications from unqualified injectors.

While complete details about the results of Smedley’s injections have yet to be released, it’s been reported that she injected clients’ butts up to 10 times with the solution and sealed the injection sight with cotton balls and Super Glue.

Tongue-in-cheek jokes have been made about the nature of this arrest, but crooked cosmetic “practitioners” endanger the client’s health and emotional well-being and give board-certified surgeons a bad rep. No one has your back better than you, so do your homework before undergoing any procedure.

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