Baltimore’s Image “Tarnished,” Fortune Magazine Says

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According to Fortune Magazine, one of the biggest problems facing Baltimore right now is our image.

The city’s reputation has been “tarnished” in the wake of the protests and riots in response to Freddie Gray’s death in police custody, Fortune claims. A CEO of an energy consulting firm told the magazine that while April’s events didn’t hurt his company’s HQ, “what the protests have impacted is the image of the city.” And that’s causing some very real problems for his company: “If I had an opening [before the protests] and I interviewed 10 people I may have had three or four interested in taking the job, ” he says. Now, that number is down to merely one or two.

But plenty of other corporate types are happy to invest in Baltimore–Kevin Plank, for example, has even committed to basically building his own neighborhood here, for Pete’s sake! Plus, the outside world has had a distorted image of Baltimore for a long time. We’ve got plenty of problems… but our image is not the first one that comes to mind.

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