Photo of the triumphant Bulldog Bots via Technically Baltimore
Photo of the triumphant Bulldog Bots via Technically Baltimorejo

As the robot-obsessed among us already know, there are plenty of competitions for middle- and high-school robotics teams. Schools love these events because studies have shown that participating in robotics makes students more interested in math and science, The problem is, entering often involves registration fees and travel expenses that make them prohibitive for many Baltimore City public schools. That’s why Johns Hopkins created the Hopkins Robotics Cup, an initial step in building an a robust robotics scene in Baltimore.

A total of 44 teams competed in contests like the Sack Attack (video above), in which robots have to pick up and move around bean bags. Western High School’s RoboDoves (who we’ve written about before) and Patterson High School’s Spinning Static were high school champions, while three teams (Curtis Bay’s Bulldog Bots, Margaret Brent’s MB Team I, and Cross Country) were named middle school champs. See the complete list of winners and read more about how local schools teamed up with the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering to sponsor the event at Technically Baltimore.