Baltimore’s Police Force May Soon Grow by 300 Officers

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The Baltimore Police Department has announced that they are looking to remedy the city’s extreme cop shortage by going on a massive hiring binge of 300 new officers. The department hopes to complete hiring by the end of the summer. Assuming they meet that goal, we should notice a huge boost in patrol officers by August or September.

Acording to Lt. Eric Kowalczyk, “community after community” has been voicing its desire for a larger police presence. Despite Sgt. Sarah Connolly’s previous assurances that our overworked and understaffed police force in no way impacts “the safety of our citizens,” Police Commissioner Anthony Batts has conceded that there are simply too few officers to handle the level of crime we’ve been seeing.

Of course, a hiring project of this scale brings its own dangers. The Metropolitan Policed Department went on its own binge in 1989 (albeit to the tune of 1,500 new recruits), and D.C. was faced with a host of problems born of the rush to put more bodies in uniform. The Washington Post detailed these issues in a series of articles from 1994.

On a related note, have you ever considered a career in law enforcement?

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