Baltimore’s Real Estate Market is Seriously Heating Up

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The Baltimore real estate market can be difficult for outsiders to parse. Run-down (or not so run-down) rowhouses may sell for $50,000, while a very similar looking building a few neighborhoods away will be listed for four times the price. But whatever your price point, take note–Baltimore’s real estate market is heating up, and it’s poised to do so even more in the months to come.

According to CNN, which named Baltimore the seventh-hottest housing market for 2014, home prices in the city rose nearly 5 percent over the past year; over the next several months, they’re forecasted to go up e by a further 8 percent.

Other than a general housing recovery, what’s the reason for this minor real estate boom? CNN credits Johns Hopkins’ increased hires, easy access to DC, and those bargain-priced rowhouses in poor neighborhoods.  “Buyers have been eating up the inventory,” Dean Cottrill, president o Coldwell Banker Mid-Atlantic, told CNN.

Also on the hot-markets list? Some usual suspects like New York and Fort Worth, as well as some unexpected outliers like Birmingham and Memphis; read the entire list here.

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