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Baltimore’s Real Estate Market is Seriously Heating Up



The Baltimore real estate market can be difficult for outsiders to parse. Run-down (or not so run-down) rowhouses may sell for $50,000, while a very similar looking building a few neighborhoods away will be listed for four times the price. But whatever your price point, take note–Baltimore’s real estate market is heating up, and it’s poised to do so even more in the months to come.

Houses Near Cemeteries Sell for More, and Baltimore Has a Whole Bunch of Them



While houses where someone died violently tend to take longer to sell (and to go for below their market price), that’s not true of every spooky structure. According to real estate website Redfin, houses near cemeteries generally sell for more per square foot than their non-cemetery-adjacent counterparts. And lucky for us, Baltimore has more for-sale homes near graveyards than any other city in the country.