Houses Near Cemeteries Sell for More, and Baltimore Has a Whole Bunch of Them

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While houses where someone died violently tend to take longer to sell (and to go for below their market price), that’s not true of every spooky structure. According to real estate website Redfin, houses near cemeteries generally sell for more per square foot than their non-cemetery-adjacent counterparts. And lucky for us, Baltimore has more for-sale homes near graveyards than any other city in the country.

Per the Redfin data, houses within 50 feet of a graveyard sold for a median price of $235,000, which worked out to $162 per square foot. Houses more than 1000 yards from a cemetery had the same median price but were larger, so they sold for an average of $145 per square foot.

“There are pros and cons to living near a cemetery. The pros are that most likely there would be no chance of future development on the site of a cemetery, there is usually well-maintained open space, it’s quiet, and many cemeteries are picturesque. The cons would be that cemeteries give some people an uneasy feeling, as it represents mortality, and it might not be an area they want to ‘live’ next to everyday,” said Lynn Ikle, a Redfin real estate agent in Baltimore.

Redfin reports that Baltimore currently has 172 homes near cemeteries on the market; alas, their website does not offer a “proximity to graveyard” search option, for some reason.

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