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Event Pick: Learn about the black cemetery unearthed beneath a Belair-Edison shopping center

Image via Gray’s new map of Baltimore (1876)/Public Domain

Would you ever guess that your neighborhood shopping center had been built atop a historic black burial ground? That’s just what happened in the case of the Belair Edison Crossing strip mall, where University of Baltimore anthropology professor Ronald Costanzo in 2015 discovered a white tombstone poking through a parking lot.

New Poe Toaster Set to Make First Public Appearance

An infrared image of the Original "Poe Toaster", taken by Bill Ballenberg, which appeared in Life Magazine
An infrared image of the Original “Poe Toaster”, taken by Bill Ballenberg, which appeared in Life Magazine.

catch of the day fish (2)In November, a new Poe Toaster was chosen from among the Baltimore masses. But it wasn’t time for this mysterious orator to appear, until this month.

Houses Near Cemeteries Sell for More, and Baltimore Has a Whole Bunch of Them



While houses where someone died violently tend to take longer to sell (and to go for below their market price), that’s not true of every spooky structure. According to real estate website Redfin, houses near cemeteries generally sell for more per square foot than their non-cemetery-adjacent counterparts. And lucky for us, Baltimore has more for-sale homes near graveyards than any other city in the country.

Casket Floats out of its Grave in Eastern Shore Cemetery


Um, eeek:  Yahoo News is reporting that Hurricane Sandy-related flooding caused a casket to float out of its grave in a Crisfield (Eastern Shore) cemetery. Happy Halloween, everybody.

Trick or Treat: Get An Inside Peek of Greenmount Cemetery

Photo courtesy Baltimore Heritage

From elites like William and Henry Walters, Johns Hopkins, and Enoch Pratt, to extraordinary slaves like Patty Atavis, and even the infamous assassin John Wilkes Booth, the dead at Greenmount Cemetery tell a rich and fascinating story of the growth of Baltimore. On Saturday, October 27 from 12- 2:30 p.m., Baltimore Heritage will partner with the Maryland Historical Society and Greenmount Cemetery for a rare and special treat: lunch discussion of the famous cemetery followed by a tour led by Greenmount guide Wayne Schaumburg.