Baltimore’s Real Estate Market Makes “Surprising Comeback”

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A year after the protests and riots following the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore’s real estate prices have over taken pre-unrest levels, reports

In April 2015, the median cost of a city residence was $102,750. A year later, the median cost was $135,000. Not only that, but more homes were sold in the city in the 12 months since the unrest than in the 12 months before.

Alan Ingraham, CEO of the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors, told that the deep-seated problems exposed by the unrest attracted investment in Baltimore that benefited the real estate market.

“It ends up having a better resolution than we ever could have hoped for,” Ingraham told “After the unrest, nobody could avoid recognizing that there are widespread problems, like unemployment, poverty, and racial disparities that affect inner-city neighborhoods.”

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  1. Does the data suggest a high degree of sales of row homes, like those depicted with this article, or are the sales predominantly high end properties and condos?

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