Baltimore’s Seizure-Faking Restaurant Scammer

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Sounds like somebody took that book Choke a little too close to heart: police recently released a warning about a seizure-faking restaurant scammer in the Baltimore area. Andrew Palmer (pictured above) has just gotten out of prison and unless he’s made some major life-adjustments, restaurants had better be on the lookout for the 45-year-old.

His scam works like this, the Baltimore Sun reports:  Palmer goes into a restaurant, sits at the bar and racks up a sizeable tab.  Towards the end of the meal, before he gets the check, he typically pretends to be about to fall asleep in his seat. Then he gets up and goes to the bathroom where he goes comatose on the floor. When he’s feeling creative Palmer will “pass out” in the middle of the dining room and start throwing himself in seizure-like jerks. If the strategy works, he gets a free meal and a ride back in an ambulance. When it doesn’t, he’s pitched into jail for a couple months and then released.

Since 1985 this guy has gotten himself more than 80 arrests and 40 convictions. Palmer finally got sentenced to two years in prison in 2010, but he’s out now and presumably back on the prowl – er, fall, rather.

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