Baltimore’s Triumph over New England Capped by Snarky Billboard

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To be fair, New England started it. In anticipation of the AFC Championship game on Sunday, Clear Channel Outdoors Boston placed “several feature billboards in the Boston area” with a clock counting down to “Ray’s retirement party,” which — optimistically — was set to commence at the close of the Ravens-Patriots game.

Unfortunately for New England, Ray Lewis had 14 tackles in that game, and the Ravens ended up clobbering the Patriots, 28-13. But some as-yet-unknown entity in Baltimore wouldn’t let the billboard — which Ray Lewis said “hurt” him when he saw it — go unanswered.

Yesterday, a billboard went up outside M&T Bank stadium that reads, “Ray’s Retirement Party MOVED TO FEB. 3 (New England Not Invited).” As snarky billboards go, it’s pretty classy.

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