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Baltimost is a new Baltimore Fishbowl feature that asks locals what they love about their city. The idea is to celebrate Baltimore and the people who make it so unique.

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Annie Howe, 39, the artist and owner behind Annie Howe Papercuts, makes and sells her intricate, one-of-a-kind designs to individuals, publications and companies. In her words:

“The people in Baltimore totally support creativity. I don’t think I could have done as much with my art anywhere else.

I’m from Rhode Island. I came to Baltimore to go to Maryland Institute College of Art and I never left. For a long time, I worked for a small artist-led organization called Nana Projects. We made puppets for these epic shadow shows, and that’s how I got into silhouettes and then into cutting paper. I started doing the papercuts as gifts for people, and that grew into people seeing my work and asking for it.

Trohv, in Hampden, was one of the first stores to promote and help me. In 2010, I opened my studio in Hamilton-Lauraville, around the corner from Zeke’s Coffee. I share the space with two other artists.

I always start by asking clients what feeling they want the piece to convey, and if there are specific images to include. I usually do several sketches before transferring the design to the paper I’ll cut. Over the years, I’ve developed certain patterns and shapes that I use over and over, but I also like when a project pushes me in new directions.

It’s hard to name just one thing I love about Baltimore, but I’m going to say the Best Dressed Sale. It’s every spring and fall in the carriage house of the Evergreen Museum. It feels like a big clothing swap, with clothes for both men and women. So many people are there, and everyone chimes in with opinions about what you’re trying on. I suggest going at the beginning of the sale and then returning on the last day, when everything is 50 percent off. Last year, I got an amazing vintage dress for $10.”

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  1. I love Annie’s work. She’s generous, kind and so very talented…we’re lucky to have her and her creative spirit in Baltimore.

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