Beltway Series is Another Excuse for DC Media to Trash Talk Baltimore

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The Beltway Series is set to return tonight, with the Orioles and Nats taking the field at Camden Yards. Of course, it’s also a chance to renew the Baltimore-DC rivalry. 

As the Washington Post’s DC Sports Blog points out, a promo airing this week on 106.7 The Fan in DC takes a few shots at Baltimore.

“Side note: Natty Boh is brewed in Georgia, and 50 percent of crabs served in Maryland are actually from Japan,” the promo says, adding that Baltimore has a “massive inferiority complex.” DC also has a lower crime rate and more jobs, the promo points out.

To some extent it’s all in good fun. It was probably officially sanctioned, since 106.7 The Fan and Orioles flagship station 105.7 The Fan are both owned by CBS.

But these are delicate times. We’ve heard this kind of talk from DC media before, and we’re bracing for another round of calls for Preakness to move closer to DC. And longtime O’s catcher Matt Wieters will trot into OPACY in a Nats uniform for the first time tonight.

Plus, the O’s and Red Sox have a real rivalry brewing, so CBS Baltimore isn’t going to let a National League team get in the way. Instead of more trash talk, the station responded by calling for a truce.

As for the record on the field, it’s 36-24 in favor of the O’s over the last 10 years. Those are just facts.

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