Bernie Sanders Spends $1 Million on an Ad Featuring Baltimore

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Bernie Sanders’s latest ad cost nearly $1 million and is airing all over California, the next major battleground state in the Democratic primary contest. But the ad might also hit close to home for Baltimoreans, too.

The ad spotlights entrepreneur Chris Wilson, a former inmate (with an insane backstory) who tells a story of opportunities thwarted and systematic oppression that aligns nicely with Sanders’s overall message. The ad also seems designed to particularly appeal to black voters, a constituency Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been battling over.

The ad, which is apparently making everyone on Reddit cry, features sweeping shots of the Baltimore neighborhoods where Wilson grew up, and where he now serves as community development director of the Greater Homewood Community Corporation and runs a business that provides job training and employment for ex-offenders. It’s basically like a mini-documentary, and is well worth four minutes of your time this morning.

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  1. WOW. Really powerful. What a beautiful message of hope and possibility. Thanks FB (and thanks Bernie, for bringing Chris’ story to all of us!)

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