The Best Barbecue Restaurant in the Country is in… Annapolis?!

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There are many places in the United States that can ostensibly claim to have the best barbecue. Do you like it saucy? Go to North Carolina. More of a brisket guy? Texas is your place. But I seriously doubt that when I say “great barbecue town,” Annapolis would be on the tip of your tongue. It certainly wasn’t one of America’s ten best cities for barbecue, as listed by the Huffington Post. Or Food & Wine. Or U.S. News.

But according to a new survey by Open Table, the best barbecue restaurant in the country is just down the road: Annapolis Smokehouse.

Now, before your freak out, note that “best barbecue” spots number two and three are in (gasp!) California, and that no barbecue joint in all of Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, or Georgia made the top 30. Clearly, this ranking is unreliable when it comes to pinpointing the actual best places to eat barbecue — which, incidentally, tend to be down-home kinds of places without any need for Open Table’s swanky reservation system.

But as a list of popular, relatively upscale barbecue spots? Yeah, it seems accurate enough. And so we extend our cautious congratulations to Annapolis Smokehouse. We’ll have to make it down there to sample some of that spicy Old Bay barbecue sauce sometime soon…

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