Mrs. Sara Beth Cavayero ‘14 is having a homecoming in returning as a second grade general studies teacher to the school that shaped her: Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School. “When I think back on my time as a Beth Tfiloh student, it is hard to pinpoint a single teacher that inspired me to teach because every teacher truly played a part in my decision to pursue teaching. They instilled in me a love of learning that turned into a love of teaching,” Mrs. Cavayero candidly shares. She adds, “It has been incredible to be back at the school that shaped me into the person I am today. I can’t wait to shape the future generation in the same way.”

Mrs. Cavayero’s sentiments exemplify how an educational institution’s programmatic quality is a direct result of the faculty’s commitment and expertise. There is no better illustration of this than Beth Tfiloh (BT). With approximately 175 faculty and staff members, BT’s mission is to provide an education marked by academic excellence, joy of learning, respect, and attention to the individual. BT’s faculty fosters life-long learning and celebrates and supports students in reaching their goals as individuals and as members of the community.

In its continued efforts to nurture a strong and impactful faculty team, BT has onboarded a variety of new professionals this year, welcoming 25 newly hired faculty members, while offering mentorship roles for many of their highly respected veteran teachers. Teachers like Mrs. Cavayero and Dr. Greg Stefanelli, director of STEM education and BT’s state-of-the-art STEM Center, who comes to BT from his most recent position as a professor and STEM faculty at The Johns Hopkins University and Loyola University of Maryland. Dr. Stefanelli “looks forward to working closely with faculty and students to incorporate meaningful technology into curriculum.”

Beth Tfiloh’s new faculty are well equipped to support students in reaching their goals, and their efforts will only be enhanced by opportunities for mentorship from some of their most highly respected veterans like Mr. Michael Bruner. Mr. Bruner leads the helm for many of our new faculty, providing one-on-one consultations, classroom observation sessions and group training sessions to help newly hired faculty best acclimate to the individualized and supportive classroom approach for which BT is known.

BT’s veteran teachers, like Jewish History Department Chair Dr. Neil Rubin, feel profoundly connected to their mission at BT. Dr. Rubin shares that “the pursuit of knowledge is endless as well as not so valuable if you don’t find ways to share it and being kind to your students is at least as important as what you teach them.” Dr. Rubin, whose passion for education and the pursuit of knowledge is evident, feels that as an educator, “If you are not passionate about what you teach, you will not teach well, and if you are not a learner yourself, you will fail as a teacher.”

Beth Tfiloh’s dedication to its faculty is a testament to its commitment to serving not only its students and their families, but the greater good. They have proven their devotion to preparing students to become compassionate leaders with integrity and character, and their efforts continue to enrich our Baltimore community and beyond. Sign up here for a small group tour where you will learn about the curriculum, see the facilities, and observe classes in action. If you would like more information about how Beth Tfiloh’s faculty can impact your child’s life, contact 410-413-2323 or email to begin your admissions process.

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