Every year public gardening efforts at nearby beaches seem to increase.  Bethany Beach was so colorful the week I stayed nearby, surely it was most floriferous of  the Maryland/Delaware seaside resorts.

The median at the entrance by the totem pole overflowed with colorful annuals: begonias in many shades, ageratum, alyssum, salvia, geraniums and petunias.

I don’t remember the town park being as bright in seasons past. This year rugged Knock Out roses, hydrangeas, daisies, Russian sage and black-eyed Susans bloomed beneath crape myrtles. Dragon-wing begonias and trailing dusty miller overflowed the be-flagged boxes that hung from porch railings at the police station.

Grasses and more Knock Out roses filled a border by the playing field. Artistically planted containers punctuated all the street corners clear to the boardwalk. Nothing like well-tended plantings for a bright welcome. They made me want to return to see what would follow in fall.

They also made me envious. I wish more public and commercial areas in Baltimore would invest in some equally good-looking, well-maintained containers. They create instant good will.