Between Rock and an Awesome Place, Baltimore

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“What do I doooooooo!?”

Tonight is one of those rare times when I’ll be dealing with a problem I’m actually glad to have. I’m not sure what insanely awesome event to go to – should I watch the opening screening at the Visionary Art Museum’s “Flicks From the Hill,” or go see William Cashion and Bruce Willen at the Metro Gallery?

Flicks From the Hill is this summer movie series pulled together by the good people at the AVAM – starting tonight they’ll have screenings every Thursday through the end of August. The films are projected against the side of the Museum, and anyone who wants to can come, sit on Federal Hill and watch them with a blanket and some Two-Boots Pizza. They’re kicking it off with Spaceballs, and who can miss watching Rick Moranis’ eight-foot head in that 12-foot helmet? Before the screening, there’s a cheap beer and the museum is open for free.

But then there’s the opening of CONSTRUCT, a group exhibition from a number of Baltimore artists going on at the Metro Gallery.  Tonight it’s open for free, and BELIEVERS, a new music project from William Cashion of Future Islands and Bruce Willen of Double Dagger, blesses the event with beautiful bass-throbs.  Awesome art + awesome music + totally free is a hard equation to pass up.

I’m imagining myself right now as Odysseus facing an inverted Scylla and Charybdis – between rock and an awesome place, so to speak.  Ah, decisions.


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