BGE Owes the City Millions of Dollars — Will the Mayor Send Them a Turn-Off Notice?

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Ever moved into a new apartment and then found yourself trying to explain to BGE why you do not owe them for the unpaid bills of previous residents stretching back years? Ever had your power shut off by mistake? Well, then, this is for you.

According to a story in the Sun, BGE is “past due on nearly $5.5 million in payments owed to the city for use of a conduit system that carries power and telecommunications lines.” And at the end of October, they could owe over $10 million.

BGE spokesman Rob Gould’s response to? “We have no record of receiving one of these bills.” (I wish I had a recording of him saying that; it might come in handy the next time I’m disputing a turn-off notice.)

But the irony doesn’t stop there. Sounding like a BGE representative speaking to a BGE customer, the city pointed out that this bill is sent on a regular schedule (in this case, every six months) and the company should have expected it.

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